Alert! There might be bias

On the first day I became a recruiter, my mentor had a talk with me. At her office, she showed me two pictures of men. I could not recall exactly how they looked like. But I could give you a similar example.

Hiring New Generation

No one seems to be able to pick up a good restaurant without asking advice from an app, laptops are always on our laps, vacations are never without work, long forgotten friends are a click away and we whatsapp our customers.

What’s not Big Data to HR

There have been millions of articles on how HR would apply Big Data in operation. It brings endless possibilities to create fabulous future. However, when it comes to practice, the theories are not as good as they sound like. Human Resource professionals might get lost in this situation. In this article, I am going explain what’s not Big Data to HR. Hoping it could help HR professionals to find some clues.

Personality Traits Which Are Most Important to Employers

While most employers evaluate job candidates on their skills and experience, many companies are increasingly using personality measures to determine whether a candidate is a good fit. According to a survey from the Society for Human Resource Management, nearly 20% of employers say they use some type of personality test as part of the hiring process.